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About Sheekopeek Boutique

High End Affordable Fashion That Will be Favored for Years to Come.


Sheekopeek Boutique was founded by Nelu, a stay at home mom with a passion for retail therapy, rare and luxurious fashion, as well as maximizing her dollar. From a young age, she has loved to treasure hunt for beautiful, timeless, well made fashion pieces for herself and those around her. 

When her closet began to overflow with these one of a kind finds in 2011, she started selling some on Ebay.  She quickly became a top-seller with a worldwide client base and consistent high customer feedback. She has built her reputation on delivering well-made, authentic pieces, and prides herself on forging strong relationships with her clients.

In order to grow and reach the world outside of Ebay, Nelu launched her very own online store, Sheekopeek Boutique. It has recently turned into a family business, with her daughters bringing their own unique styles to the mix.

At Sheekopeek Boutique, you will find significantly discounted handbags, jewelry, and fashion accessories that are high-quality, hard to find, and guaranteed authentic. Although the pieces do not come with original tags, they are all thoroughly checked for highest quality, and their condition is noted truthfully with plenty of pictures from every angle.

Everything in the store is curated from handpicked quality items and designers who have an authentic style. Although the designers featured are highly regarded favorites, they are not affiliated with this boutique.

Now please come on a fashion treasure hunt with us.. We are confident you will find something you love!  Make sure you check back often since we are always offering more of our latest treasured finds. Any feedback or suggestions you would like to share are taken to heart and appreciated! <3